The sweep of Grace Kelly's life – a young
Irish-American girl from a wealthy Philadelphia
family becomes a movie icon, filmed by greats
such as Alfred Hitchcock, then goes on to be
named Her Serene Highness Princess Grace
of Monaco, is cinematic itself in scope.
Now, twenty-five years after her early death
in a car accident, Monaco has put together
a major exhibition in honor of its adopted princess,
who herself, adopted Monaco right back, giving
her energies and cares to its livelihood and image
abroad. With the collaboration of the Prince's
Palace, the exhibition is able to show, for the first
time, personal objects such as letters, belongings,
dresses and fashion accessories, along with sound
recordings, film excerpts and news reports – all of
which help create a chronological look at this
uncommon woman's life. Not only does Grace
Kelly symbolize the glamour and charisma
of Hollywood's classic stars; she is a continuing
object of fascination and mystery.

July 12 through September 23, 2007
Salle Ravel
10, avenue Princesse Grace
98000 Monaco
T. +377 99 99 21 00