The kitchen is the hearth and soul of the
home. But more than just a functional cove
where womenfolk are relegated to stewing
and stirring, the kitchen as we know it is also
an object of consumer desire, a haven of oldfashioned
comfort, and a space for new technologies.
Dipping into the sociological history
of middle-class life, we discover that the
kitchen as we know it is a recent invention;
the contemporary kitchen began to take
shape as late as 1900. Accordingly, the
Fondation pour l'Architecture and Archives
d'Architecture Moderne exhibition in Brussels
takes as its point of departure a kitchen from
1900. By way of drawings, photos, kitchen
items and life-sized reconstitutions of real
kitchens, we can follow the evolution of this
vital space from our great-grandparents' day
all the way into the future.

Fondation pour l'Architecture/Archives
d'Architecture Moderne
The Kitchen, a Way of Life:
From Shadow to Light
November 21, 2006 through March 25, 2007
55 rue de l'Ermitage
B - 1050 Brussels
T: +32 (0)2 642 24 62