Every summer the stage sizzles in southern France at the acclaimed Avignon Festival. This year many of the performances will take place on the actual walls of the city's prestigious contemporary art museum, the Lambert Collection.

In celebration of the festival's 60th anniversary, the museum transforms its great 18th century salons into a visual encyclopedia of the performing arts with Le Paradox du Com├ędian; Les figures de l'acteur (The Figure of the Actor, the Paradox of the Player). Presenting over 400 works of art, the multi-disciplinary show traces the evolution of the actor's role both on and off the stage from the 16th century to the present day. Paintings, sculptures and engravings by great masters such as Renoir and Gericault are juxtaposed alongside contemporary videos and installations by the likes of Douglas Gordon, Catherine Sullivan and Francesco Vezzoli. Don't miss Roni Horn's expressive portrait series of Isabelle Huppert incarnating famous female roles.