The garden has a long history in the world of
art as a living, growing subject. Gardens
reflect an artist's personal vision, yet they are
also a canvas on which we can make out a
cultural and historical landscape. This exhibition
has brought together over 200 works
from museums and private collections worldwide,
spanning from the Middle Ages to contemporary
art. It offers an evolving look at
what the garden represents, with examples
from the Renaissance—a garden of earthly
delights, for Rubens—to the Impressionists—
a prism for changing sensibilities, for Monet,
Renoir and Pissarro—by way of the exacting,
detailed depictions by Dürer, Cranach and
Grünewald, which help us keep in mind that
while the artist is the gardener of his work, a
scientific and botanical reality keeps it solidly
rooted to the earth.

Städel Museum
The Painter's Garden: Design,
Inspiration, Delight
November 24, 2006 through March 11, 2007
Städel annex ground and upper floors
Schaumainkai 63, 60596 Frankfurt
T. +49-69 60 50 98-0