Stuttgart, The Württemberg State Museum, Old Castle

More than 3500 years ago, the Syrian Kingdom of Qatna was one of the most prosperous metropoles of the ancient Orient, before an attack by the Hittites around 1340 BC, which led to its demise.

In 2002, an international team of researchers discovered beneath the King’s palace in Qatna a royal burial chamber that had remained undisturbed by grave robbers.

The treasures recovered at this time are being exhibited in Europe for the first time in the Württemberg State Museum. Under the patronage of Günther H. Oettinger, Minister President of Baden-Württemberg, and Ing. Mohammad Naji Ottri, and Minister President of the Syrian Arab Republic, fascinating relics of the Kingdom of Qatna are brought to life at Stuttgart’s «Altes Schloss».

October 17th through March 14th, 2010
Schillerplatz 6
70173 Stuttgart
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