Tourcoing, Le Fresnoy

This exhibition explores the lasting friendship between two pioneering video artists, Bill Viola and Thierry Kuntzel who died in 2007. Imagined by curator Raymond Bellour and Bill Viola, it presents side by side their respective installations and videos.

Raymond Bellour has followed theirs works for many years and highlights the specific affinities between these two artists, including their similar approach to representations of time and space. From the seventies onwards, Bill Viola and Thierry Kuntzel developed international careers that put them in the forefront of contemporary creation, and more particularly within the realm of video art that has gained greater respect as an art form because of their artistic contributions.

February 27th through April 25th, 2010
22 rue Fresnoy
59202 Tourcoing, France
+33 3 20 28 38 00