Chateau de Versailles, Versailles
March 1 to June 19, 2011
Grand Apartments of the Palace of Versailles, Versailles, France
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Thrones from different periods and varied civilisations are presented in the Grand
Apartments of the Palace of Versailles. Forty emblematic thrones enable the visitor to
better understand the universality of the seated representation of religious or political authority. Whether sober or majestic, reasonable or extravagant, thrones always convey the same symbol of legitimately established authority. This exhibition sets up an original dialogue between these exceptional objects, often masterpieces, in the sumptuous setting of the Palace of Versailles, a place par excellence of the exercise and representation of sovereignty.

“Thrones in Majesty” has benefited from exceptional loans, such as those agreed by the
Vatican, the Forbidden City of Pekin and royal residences of Europe (Madrid, Warsaw, etc.).
In an appropriate scenography, emblematic thrones – such as those of king Dagobert, Napoleon, the restored king Louis XVIII, or the sedia gestatoria of Pope Pius VII – are exhibited alongside Taino, African, Chinese and Thai ones. Some of these thrones are accompanied by accessories that characterised their usage, such as flabella, stools and footstools.