For his first Zürich show at Haunch of Venison, the
British artist Tony Cragg (b. 1949) presents works
from the last ten years, featuring some fifty
drawings and watercolors, as well as brand new
sculptural works in stone and bronze. This
selection of his output brings the artist's major
preoccupation to the fore: the human body and its
expressions and distortions. In coming back to
biomorphic forms, even in his abstract graphic
works, Cragg hews to his calling as the bard of life
as a live wire. This is played out in full in his
sculptural work, where the very pressing question
of form and extension in space comes to the fore,
as anthropomorphic drawings are morphed into
three dimensions, changing their torque with their
meaning. By putting the spotlight on the human in
his works, Cragg also hints at his personal
concern with art's social and political importance.

Haunch of Venison
Tony Cragg
March 16 through April 21, 2007
Lessingstrasse 5
8002 Zürich
T. +41 (0) 43 422 8888