Culling ancient artifacts from the British Museum's more than 250-year history, the Hong Kong Museum of Art celebrates its 45th anniversary with a second collaboration with the acclaimed institution. This is the last stop on the tour, which has been traveling since the museum's 250th anniversary in 2003, before returning to London.

Around 270 objects, some dating as far back as two million years ago, provide insight into the many diverse and historical cultures that have informed and shaped modern mankind. Ancient sculptures, ceramics and art from Egypt, Rome and Greece - the foundations of modern culture - as well as the decorative styles of Europe, Africa and Asia offer clues to the artistic origins of many of today's styles. Highlights of the exhibition include a "Queen's lyre" dating back to circa 2600-2400 BC and "The Unlucky Mummy" from the early 22nd Dynasty (c. 945 BC).