The Contemporary Art Museum of Roma (MACRO)

MACRO Future, the section of the Museum dedicated to experimental art, has a new project that tests boundaries of space, conceptualization and material generation.

Inspired by Umberto Boccioni's work from 1910, La città che sale, literally 'the city that comes out', challenges its artists to explore the nature of architectural construction from the inside out, starting with the imagination. The conceptual foundation of the exhibition is the artistic and architectural imagination that dreams about changing a space and using construction as an essentially creative act.

Danilo Eccher and Odille Decq have curated an impressive roster of artists and architects over 2000 sq. meters of space, in a groundbreaking exhibition which is a fascinating discourse about materialism, instantaneity, illusion, utopia and symbolism and, more essentially, about what form means from the interior of the creative mind.

October 25, 2007 – March 2, 2008
Piazza Orazio Giustiniani 4 . Roma

T: +39 06 671070400