Rome, MACRO: Museo d'Arte Contemporanea Roma

Visitors to the MACRO Hall have an all-encompassing perceptive experience awaiting them. The Brazilian artist Ernesto Neto has created a site-specific installation that stimulates the senses. Occupying the entire area of the museum's gallery, the hanging sculpture incorporates multiple sinuous forms of Lycra that have bulbous ends smelling of ground spices, including pepper, cumin, cloves, ginger and curcuma. The installation has been likened to a sort of floating architecture with organic and floral shapes, inviting the visitor to walk through it.

Born in Rio de Janeiro in 1964, Neto has created a unique artistic vocabulary through these types of highly recognizable installations. Breaking down the distances between the visitor and the artwork, Neto's sculptures become living, breathing objects. Indeed, Neto says that he creates "an art that unites, helping us interact with others, showing us the limits, not as barriers but as a place of sensations and of exchange and continuity."

May 30 through February 2009
MACRO: Museo d'Arte Contemporanea Roma
54 Via Reggio Emilia
T. +39 06 671 070 400