This solo exhibition by the contemporary Chinese
artist Zeng Fanzhi focuses on some 36 works
by the artist, notably from the acclaimed series
'Hospital, Meat, Mask' and 'Portraits.'
Working in a powerful expressionist style,
the painter's visual world comes to life on evocative,
provocative canvases, some of which are being shown
for the first time. New pieces from the 'Untitled
(Night)' series add to the exploration
of Zeng Fanzhi's world and help delve into his
development as an artist – though the exhibition
carefully avoids a strictly chronological approach,
which would run counter to the open-endedness
that is a major theme of his art.
As an artist, Zeng Fanzhi's major concerns revolve
around idealism and disappointment; transparency
in human interactions and falseness; loyalty and
betrayal. That the show should go under
the banner of "Idealism" is itself a wink, and
an idealist homage, to the striving that Zeng
Fanzhi paints into his works.

April 30 through July 16, 2007
71 Bras Basah Road
Singapore 189555
T. +65 6332 3222