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While design-centric cafés are nearly always reserved for adult socializing, the award-winning Japanese firm Nendo, headed by designer Oki Sato, has created a space tailored specifically to mothers and young children. In calming pastel colors of cream and pale baby blue, practical details such as wide aisles for baby carriages, separate nursing and diaper-changing spaces and electrical outlets placed above the reach of little hands make for a relaxing made-to-measure environment for the ever-attentive mother. A particular note of charm is the Alice in Wonderland references to size proportion. With little doorways and oversized sofas for a play space, even tables are designed so that while mothers talk over tea, children below see pillars for table legs, a roof for the underside of a table, which is at times decorated with pictures of baby and parent animals. The café experience on a little person scale is in concert with the experience of that for the grown-up kind.

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4-5-12-B1 Aoyama, Tokyo 150-0001
Phone: +81 (0)3 5474 8281