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Tiffany taps Frank O. Gehry, the world's most talked-about contemporary architect, to design an exclusive collection of jewels.

Frank Gehry transforms the body into a landscape to display his dramatic, rhythmic jewelry designs by Tiffany's.


After redefining the skyline with buildings brandishing bold asymmetry, flowing forms and sensual curves, the super-star of modern architecture, Frank O. Gehry, has brilliantly scaled down his signature style to the contours of the body with an exclusive collection of jewels by Tiffany's. Not since 1980 has Tiffany's recruited an outside designer to tackle a capsule collection, and the deserved bru-ha-ha surrounding Gehry's exceptional 6-part range is a testament to the adage "good things come to those who wait."

Capturing the expressive vitality of his spontaneous sketches, each piece is a wearable work of rhythmic art sculpted out of such esoteric materials as black gold, pernambuco wood and cocholong stone. Inspired by structural elements, childhood memories, Renaissance masters and contemporary painters, the collection's six intriguing motifs, much like his buildings, possess " a natural flow and a relevance to contemporary life," says Gehry. "For me, architecture and design are about the process," reveals Gehry. "Sketching and shaping three-dimensional models and conceptualizing different possibilities — this is the essence of creating, whether in architecture, jewelry, or any other art form."

From silver fish pendants and twisted torque bangles to a $1 million diamond brooch shaped like the floor plan of his landmark Guggenheim museum in Bilbao, each provocative design exalts the canvas of the body, just as his radiant buildings awaken their surrounding settings.

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