LUXURYCULTURE.COM - Allure...a certain "Je ne sais quoi"


Allure is the art of affirming your own personality. This season's fashion is all about expressing your style.

When fashion heads off in different directions, it's every man and woman for themselves; this season's unpredictable offerings are just the thing for creating your own look.

Every season has its own story;whether the mood is toward timeless classics, all about being a lady, or a more youthful slant, sometimes the spirit is hard to define. This season is one such time.

The look for this fall is not about banal pastiche, or even creative flattery. The feeling is one of true individualism – finding your own style. With a signature style comes that enviable allure, that effortless elegance that's as much, if not more, about the wearer as it is about the clothes. That "je ne sais quoi" we all aspire to.

Nicolas Ghesquière set the tone with a youthful take on international style, the crossing of cultures that inspires today's young global style citizens, while John Galliano at Dior took an altogether more sophisticated take, sending out block-colored outfits with contrasting textures, which show off the wearer's features as much as the cut of the dress. An obvious retro influence can be seen, but these looks are no pastiche. Striking monochrome matches and classic-inspired silhouettes beg the question, "Classic or vintage?" However, although these designers and many others, from Alber Elbaz to Giambattista Valli, showed strong collections, to sum up the feel, the only way we can illustrate this indefinable style is by taking the clothes and making them our own through personality and panache.

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