Urban dandies are head over heels for Berluti's luxurious footwear. The brand continues to stride ahead of the pack with its revolutionary Indio urban moccasin.

Comfortable footwear is a natural, everyday need, even for the most sartorial conscious man. But the quest to find a shoe that marries trainer technology with bespoke craftsmanship has proved beleaguering, even for the most determined dandy. That was until Olga Berluti, heir to the Berluti boot-making dynasty founded in 1895, stepped up to the challenge. Crafting innovative leather sculptures for more than forty years (including Andy Warhol's trademarked moccasins, which she made at the age of 17) the world's first lady of fine men's footwear makes shoe history again with Indio, an urban moccasin that raises the comfort quotient to a luxurious high.

Asymmetrical and light, simple yet baroque, the Indio was inspired by Berluti's longtime dream to create an elegant, durable shoe with a hushed, feline grace. Combining the family's traditional structure and finishes such as Aggiorno seams, knit stitching, saddle stitching and over stitching with a revolutionary gel-filled inner sole, Berluti's silent Indian runner is no less than a dream come true.

1200 €
Available in Coffee or Black at all Berluti stores