“Visitors to Beyond Limits 2011 will find this the most diverse and dynamic of our selling exhibitions at Chatsworth to date. Sotheby’s is delighted to offer a spectacular collection of monumental sculptures. This is a truly international show, featuring artists from as far afield as Spain, Taiwan, Korea, Argentina and Lebanon. Many works are being shown at Chatsworth for the first time and visitors will have the chance to view Damien Hirst’s remarkable Legend as well as his Myth, ahead of a major retrospective of his work at Tate Modern next year.”

- Alexander Platon, Sotheby’s Senior Director and Head of Private Sales, Europe

“Showcasing a wide range of modern and contemporary sculpture, it is with great pleasure that Amanda and I welcome you to Chatsworth for what will be the sixth edition of Beyond Limits. We are thrilled to open the doors of our garden to host works by some of the most important sculptors of the 20th Century as well as so many new artists from around the world.

This year Asian artists are well-represented with Takashi Murakami’s Flower Matango, Yayoi Kusama’s vibrant Flowers That Bloom Tomorrow, two bronzes by Ju Ming, and Ji Yong-Ho with his Lion 2,already proving to be a favourite with our visitors. Even though I live here, the positioning of the works again provide some surprising glimpses of our familiar landscape: after six years it is still fascinating to see how the Sotheby’s team come up with new and original ways to display the works.

By placing old favourites alongside more cutting edge works, I can see various parallels between history, memory, tradition and innovation. The Flanagan in the Maze garden is similar to one in our collection sited by the Grotto pond. We are especially delighted to be the venue for Damien Hirst’s new sculpture Legend. This has been placed with another of his works, Myth, at the far end of the canal pond, where my mother first positioned modern outdoor sculpture with Elizabeth Frink’s War Horse (now appropriately guarding the entrance to the Stables) - and I am enchanted to see such a fresh interpretation of a traditional equine subject so beautifully arranged there once more.

For the past six years the gardens at Chatsworth have continued to provide a wonderful backdrop to these most interesting sculptures, and this year they have come together in a very exciting manner. We hope that you enjoy these remarkable objects and their surroundings as much as we do.”

- The Duke of Devonshire KCVO, CBE, DL