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The Quatre line, with four gold tones and four design motifs, is Boucheron's call to the power in simplicity, the personal meaning in symbols.

The dearest moments of a lifetime often require years to process and appreciate fully and, even then, they are tenderly difficult to express in words. Boucheron sets the challenge by creating an icon and assembling intimate stories.

Jewelry has a unique power to bear meaning in our lives and Boucheron's Quatre line evokes this with particular fervor. For its 150th anniversary year, Boucheron assembles creative and cultural personalities, through online video interviews and written prose, to discuss the meaningful and precious moments of their lives from love and friendship to moments of deep contentment. "Being kissed by the sun," says magazine editor Nick Vinson, remembering late afternoons on New Zealand beaches. "When nothing is certain, and everything possible," says Azzaro designer Vanessa Seward, describing her relationship with her husband. Or, as the legendary model, muse and fashion designer Inès de la Fressange puts it, "Luxury is simply that. It's happiness."

What is a memorable moment in life? How can each of us materialize the intensity of this moment? Everyone has their own way to stop time and to represent the powerful attachments to those who share its meaning, and to those who help craft it.

The geometric rings, earrings, bracelets, pendants and cufflinks in the Quatre line weave Boucheron's history with its colors, materials and contours. The Quatre ring, however, is emblematic. A mix of technique and sensuality, gold colors and patterns fuse into one powerfully hypnotic, secretive, yet utterly classic piece. The Quatre ring is destined to become an icon.

Gold certainly sets the tone. In four shades, the greatest pleasures of life come through - yellow gold's warmth and regality, white gold's scintillating and ethereal clarity, chocolate gold's comforting and sophisticated richness, and pink gold's tender and sweet allure. Then textural motifs add architecture to these luminous colors. The godron motif, a Boucheron signature Art Deco pattern, is a smooth horizontal set of lines that has framed classic Boucheron watches since 1907. The diamond point motif, small pyramids carved into gold, is an Art Deco pattern that has endured centuries, and has been a Boucheron classic since the 1950s like the grosgrain motif of the same period, a design recalling tightly billowing silk ribbons. Lastly, the facetted motif, the oldest theme of the house created by Monsieur Frédéric Boucheron, angles a gold surface to mimic the facetted cut of a diamond. Gold put into stunning relief marks history and modernity, mystery and representation, merging a uniquely tailored mix of sensual detailing.

The four gold tones in the Quatre line, mixed with the absolutely unique Parisian light, constitute Place Vendôme's very own color palette. Number 26 Place Vendôme, some say, is the cornerstone of this gilded and bejeweled hexagon; Frédéric Boucheron located his jewelry house here in 1893 and his legacy and genius continue to maximize nature's purity by introducing subtlety, distinction and highly creative design concepts. Writing from this same address, situated above the most prestigious jeweler in the world, shares this precious light everyday with Boucheron, and is intimately poised and honored to celebrate their 150th anniversary with them this year.

In addition to the personal, online stories given by celebrities and personalities, Boucheron's website has launched an open call for customers to win a piece of the collection. You just have to be willing and able to express those personal moments in life that feel outside of time, that sometimes seem inexpressible, and are full of mysterious contraries and unity. Boucheron invites you to engrave your personal message of love or affection into the Quatre ring of four golds: a poem, a name, a date of dear and intimate meaning. The time, the place, the people and the emotions fuse into precious golds.

Through the act of giving or receiving, engraving a message, and moreover by simply wearing it on the big and small events of life, jewelry influences our identity, marks our memory, and evokes our deepest emotions.
Everyone has a story, and that is the unfolding of history.

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