The bricks used to build schools in Madagascar by France-based charity Ecoles du Monde provide not only the walls of much needed educational institutions, but also the solid foundations of a stellar collection of contemporary art. In an appropriate fundraising effort the charity’s founder, the film producer and contemporary art collector Charles Gassot, contacted 100 artists and designers, asking them to create an original work using the same 30cm by 15cm red bricks used in the schools’ construction. The small-scale artworks will be sold at Artcurial Paris on March 28, each with an estimate of €500. But it is hoped that prices will soar above this for some of the bold faced name bricks, which include Pierre Soulages’ piece covered in his signature black stripes, designer Mathieu Lehanneur’s mallet with a brick head, French artist Orlan’s intricate collage, architect Claude Parent’s brick-in-a-box and Jean Nouvel’s yet to be revealed creation. In need of a keystone with a story attached? 100 Bricks for Madagascar is a rare opportunity to ensure the education of children who might not otherwise receive it, while also building a collection of contemporary art and design.