Burgess, the world's leading superyacht brokerage firm, is right on pulse with the market and the best routes to cruise.

The Mediterranean has claimed its very own color palette - a mix of the richest and softest cobalt blue with pink and vibrant orange with aqua. Whether at dawn, at dusk, or under the high sun, there is no better way to experience the enchantment of this classic color palette than from the leisured deck of a superyacht.

Burgess, the global industry leader in superyacht charters, sales and purchases, as well as new construction and operational management services, is no stranger to brilliant blues. In fact, the Burgess brand has adopted a fresh look and a more confident visual identity with a white, black and vibrant turquoise logo. Just as eye-catching as its superyachts dispersed through ports and seas across the globe, this upgrade in image may be bold, but it has not compromised the Burgess team of brokerage and charter experts, yacht managers, marine engineers and naval architects, known for their fastidious care and professional integrity. "That," says Burgess Chief Executive Jonathan Beckett, "will never change."

The market for superyachts is charging full speed ahead, which requires industry leaders to respond in kind with greater expansion, dynamism and transparency. Burgess, which specializes in yachts over 40m (130ft) in length, cuts a strong profile in the lot as the trend toward size and visibility is hotter than ever. Extremes are not everything, however, as Burgess keeps a keen awareness of, and honesty about, the middle market. "There is a burgeoning middle market – though you're talking about $30 million yachts in that middle market, not $3 million," explains Mr. Beckett, whose frank approach and hands-on involvement in his business is meeting the superyacht market with competitive vigor.

With such an exciting corporate culture and active market environment, one would imagine that working with Burgess would be a demanding experience – in fact, the opposite is true as service, customization, and client care are paramount company values, streamlining a client's experience into effortlessness. Escape, explore, celebrate with family or friends for business or for fun, bespoke vacations are about choice and good spirit.

The best way to taste superyacht luxuries is to charter one in the most classic place to cruise – the Mediterranean. Charming villages with local delights, private places in pure azure and lively port towns with a party spirit become ever more sweet with the impeccable service and comfort, delicious onboard private chef's cuisine creations, and not a care in the world, by the grace of Burgess's yacht captains and crews. Chartered yachts offer the greatest luxuries of all – space and a sense of liberty – where being with those close to you can be enjoyed to the fullest in a made-to-measure, extraordinary space to dream.

The classic Mediterranean itinerary touches on the western ports where the golden age of yachting was born over a century ago along the Côte d'Azur, Corsica and Sardinia. Start in Monte Carlo – the perfect spot to view the summer's sailing regattas or the Monaco Grand Prix - then by way of Corsican ports such as Calvi, Girolata and the amazing natural harbor of Bonifacio with mountain and sea contrasts, head south to Sardinia's Costa Smeralda for stops at Cala Coticcio, Cala de Volpe and Porto Cervo.

The Western Mediterranean is a classic cruising haunt, and a return favorite for a reason – not least of all the soft, blue-green jade horizons that make you feel as if you're passing into a postcard made for fantasies. Burgess's 43.8m (143.7ft) Slipstream is available to charter this classic route in the coming summer months – but be sure to book early. Or request the 95m (311.7ft) bold beauty, the Indian Empress, in order to take to the Mediterranean by a different path – west of Monaco to the spectacular St-Jean-Cap-Ferrat peninsula and past Cannes and St. Tropez to the unspoiled Porquerolles Islands, where broker Gaye Joyeau-Bourgeois directs her clients for beautiful, unspoiled beaches and pristine anchoring, or south to Italy's eternally chic Capri and the Lipari Islands that New York broker Solenn de Braux describes as "gloriously simple."

Harboring close to the creature comforts of towns on the Côte d'Azur, however, offers landscapes and attitude with timeless and contemporary appeal. Drink chilled rosé wine while hopping between ports such as St. Tropez, Cannes or slightly further afield to Italy's San Remo and Portofino. The perfect pleasure combination of Italy and France, and with a history of quintessential glamour that is alive as ever still today, the French and Italian Riviera could be considered the homeland of the pleasure yacht.

For a dash of adventure and the undiscovered, the Eastern Mediterranean is a treasure trove of ancient history and pristine vistas. Start from the port of Gocek, then along the Southern coast of Turkey to the Gulf of Fethiye where archeological sites and charming villages abound, or choose the fabled Greek isles and board your yacht in Athens to take on the Cycladic Islands of Greece, or from Corfu to sail around the Ionian Islands.

Or yet another itinerary - start in Venice and cruise past more than a thousand Dalmatian Islands along the coast of Croatia. "Quiet bays and deserted beaches with crystal-clear waters, wooded islands and an unforgettable mountainous backdrop on the mainland... As you head south, the scenery becomes even more breathtaking," explains London charter director Neil Hornsby. Enjoy such Aegean delights, history and great anchorages aboard Burgess's elegant 57.9m (190ft) charter yacht Lady Sheridan. A classical combination of Greek, Roman and Venetian cultures, the Adriatic coast is a tranquil alternative to the bustle of the hot ports in the western Mediterranean.

For intrepid travelers, the world is your oyster with Burgess, and their charter experts can also design cruising itineraries further afield on a range of fabulous yachts in the Indian Ocean, the Caribbean, the Bahamas and Australia's Great Barrier Reef.

Wherever you cruise, there is nothing quite like the joy of waking up in a comfortable bed, like an excited child on the first day of an exciting voyage, only to mount above deck to the fresh sea air and brilliant blue breathtaking views aboard your own mobile palace. It must be pure experience, expertise and dedication that make Burgess so skilled at taking away your cares on a superyacht, crafting carefree, pleasurable excursions and ultimate luxuries at sea.

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