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An egg-like structure by Belgium-based DMVA Architects is the latest design in the burgeoning market for cabins that function as either extensions of the home or as weekend boltholes. We showcase our favorite retreats.

What appears to be a giant egg at the end of design agent Rini van Beek’s garden is in fact an external home office cum guest bedroom, complete with a shower. The Blob, as the building was christened by its architects, Belgium-based DMVA, fulfils both these requirements and more: at the touch of a button the nose of the egg opens, creating an inside-outside room that could serve almost any purpose.

It is the latest design in the ever-growing market for cabins that can range from one-room pavilions that can be used as an extra room to larger spaces that can be used as weekend retreats. In both cases, their increasing popularity is part of a trend for space outside the home that cater for the nomadic tendencies of a demographic that loves the feeling of getting away, no matter how short the distance.

Generally made off-site, they can be fitted out to the owner’s specification before being installed almost anywhere. Already found your idyllic plot of land? We showcase some of the most interesting cabins on the market.

More info: The Blob

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