Taking yachting to new heights of floating fabulousness, the Candyscape is effortlessly stealing the show on Monte Carlo's waterfront.

If you haven't already booked Candyscape for the summer, then you've definitely missed the boat on the Mediterranean's most magnificent marine mansion.

There's a new star in Monaco. Candyscape, the first luxury bespoke yacht of London's exclusive firm of interior design and lifestyle consultants, Candy & Candy, is one of the most beautiful boats on the dock, and for a cool 150,000 euros per week, she can be yours.

She's the company's first daring foray into the elite world of luxury yacht hire and Senior Interior Designer Brigitta Spinocchia's brave baptism in yacht design.
Driven by a desire to create "a testament to luxury marine architecture, with a twist", Spinocchia and her team laudably rose to the challenge, transforming the beautiful 44.7m Benetti craft into a deluxe voyager befitting of her discerning clientele.

"When designing Candyscape I was inspired by the whole mood of Monaco; the blue Mediterranean sky, princely avenues, smart motor cars, the grand casino and fashionable boutiques," says Brigitta. Candyscape is evocative not only not only of the history and style of the world's most glamorous principality, but harks back to the splendor of the bygone days of luxury travel.

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"When we were designing Candyscape, we felt that most yachts were similar inside. We wanted to do something very different and bespoke. The look is 'Art Deco meets contemporary luxury.'"

Befitting of its stately surroundings, Candyscape's magnificent interior is steeped in grandeur. Carefully chosen artworks, including an original Dali, hang from the silk covered walls, and imposing objets d'art are strategically placed throughout. Sumptuous 600 thread-count monogrammed sheets and hand-beaded cushions, referenced from Art Deco dress print archives, add to the homely atmosphere of an established living space, with no compromise to elegance.

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"We have incorporated some totally unique and bespoke details, such as a hand-crafted mahogany dining table that can be flipped to reveal a roulette wheel, a guest bathroom created to look like a vintage Louis Vuitton trunk, plus a stunning black crocodile embossed leather atrium."

Candyscape is unequivocally one of the most sought after rentals on the Côte d'Azur. Says Brigitta, "To me Candyscape is a celebration of a select lifestyle, a unique reappraisal of what a yacht can be, a floating metaphor for stylish living."

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