Everyone recognises the Cartier Love bracelet with its simple flat bangle engraved with screw heads that is beloved by everyone from teenage fashionistas to their grandmothers and all generations in between. Designed by Aldo Cipullo in 1970 it is one of the Paris jewelry house’s signature pieces. Yet very few people will recognise the bracelet designed by Cipullo for Cartier just one year later, a nail that is seemingly bent around the wrist. Long the holy grail of jewelry aficionados who have tracked down the Cartier clou (“nail” in French) to auction houses and vintage dealers, the miniature piece of sculpture has now been reissued by Cartier. Juste un Clou is the title of the new collection of bracelets that feature a discreet centre hinge and come in white, yellow or pink gold. As modern and as bold as ever, Cartier has nailed it with a bracelet that is more than a house signature – a new icon of jewelry design.