On the colour palette:
“I own some Marie Laurencin, but I like only her early years, from 1908 to the 1930s. After that, it became a little cliché. My favourite period was when she was a close friend of Nicole Groult, the sister of Poiret. I like the colours of that period in her painting, with the touches of gray and little spots of black. I tried to introduce this. The colours are also Hammershoi. But they are more yellowish-gray, not exactly the same color. This was typical Paris inspiration from the early years of the 20th century when modern art become modern.”

On the silhouette:
“Only from today. Like on the beach. Shoes likes slippers but with a little fixing, around the ankle, which is transparent. I am getting tired of the way the girls walk in those high shoes. One saw a lot of it. Maybe it is time to see something else.”

On the fit:
“There is a kind of floating ease in the back of the jackets. It’s a new cut. Nonchalance in couture is very important because couture without nonchalance is just the drag queen attitude of women of an era past that I hope will never come back. Thank you for the 50s, but I saw enough of that.”

On how to wear couture:
“If you are bourgeois, you can make the skirt longer and forget about the pants. But modern girls, even the couture clients, wear the Chanel jacket – the embroidered one and the tweed one – with jeans.”

On the braiding:
“Mlle Pouzieux does the braids. She has a secret that she wants nobody to know. We cannot find anyone to work with her. She does it all alone. She only works for couture because she cannot make enough for ready to wear. Nobody knows exactly how she does it.”

On the embroidery:
“Embroidery of light! How do they have enough patience to do it? Some of these tops have 400,000 pearls and crystals. Can you imagine? I couldn't do it for five minutes."

On Kristen McMenamy, the model who closed the show with a wedding dress:
“When she married her husband, Miles Aldridge, thirteen years ago, I played the father of the bride because she had no family. I walked her down the aisle. She had met her husband in my car. So it was a private joke. We stayed in touch, and I wanted her as the bride in the show.”