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Discover how the explosive energy radiating from China has hypnotized the art world.

As the international stage greets China's booming art scene, we highlight the best places to currently catch the country's emerging avant-garde.

The explosive energy radiating from China has hypnotized the art world. Sales in contemporary Chinese art have reportedly risen by 10% in the last five years at auction. Fuelled by China's rapidly evolving cultural, social and economic climate, this artistic nouvelle vague has bewitched the world. Within the last few months, interest in China's emerging avant-garde has reached fever pitch. This past summer, for example, the Venice Biennale inaugurated its first official Chinese pavilion; France presented MC1 in Montpellier, the first Biennale devoted exclusively to contemporary Chinese art organized outside of China; and the Kunstmuseum in Bern showcased over 1,200 works by 180 avant-garde Chinese artists with the spectacular exhibition 'Mahjong – Contemporary Chinese Art from the Sigg Collection'.

"When a country can express itself after having been put down for so many years, it explodes. Contemporary Chinese art has a lot of character and sensitivity; one perceives a real need for expression," explains Guy and Myriam Ullens, owners of one of the world's largest contemporary Chinese art collections. In order to promote Chinese art and artists, the couple created the Guy & Myriam Foundation in 2003. Their exhaustive 1,500-piece private collection prominently features the work of Cai Guo-Qiang, Huang Yong Ping, Sui Jianguo, Rong Rong and Inri – key figures in China's booming contemporary art scene.

Trailblazing its way into the market is Christie's, which this week announced a joint venture with Forever, a Beijing based auction house. Their first sale is scheduled for November 3 and will feature 45 works of modern and contemporary Chinese art with an estimated value of $10 million. To celebrate this creative movement's exuberant energy, we have compiled a short-list of some of the best contemporary Chinese art happenings around the world.

Zooming into Focus: Contemporary Chinese Photography and Video from the Haudenschild Collection
National Art Museum of China (NAMoC), Beijing
November 5 through November 20, 2005

Fine Modern and Contemporary Chinese Paintings
Christie's/Forever inaugural sale
The Great Wall Sheraton Hotel, Beijing
November 3, 2005

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