LUXURYCULTURE.COM - Daphne Guinness: The Art of Dressing


Watch the video of what the eccentric heiress and fashionista Daphne Guinness describes as, "Getting dressed and readied for the Costume Institute Gala in the windows of Barneys New York - me as performance art!"

“Getting dressed and readied for the Costume Institute Gala in the windows—me as performance art!”

Why did Daphne Guinness dress herself in the windows of Barneys?

“I have decided to lift a piece of the curtain that came down when I stopped the sale of Isabella Blow’s things last year. In a little corner of New York, a part of her collection will be shown to the public... I feel this fits with the zeitgeist of what is happening in New York in early May. Isabella certainly would have wanted to celebrate Alexander at the Met. And similarly, Alexander would have been mortified by her absence from it. So it feels like the right thing to do.”

“It's the dress that I wore during the show that I did when Lee died. So it's the transition; it's passing the torch from Lee to Sarah.”

“There’s been this discussion for longer than I’ve been alive that fashion is not art. My feeling is that this is another piece of evidence that, yes, there is a commercial side to fashion that is needed, but there are these crossover moments that do become art.”

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