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This season's haute couture creators and their covetable creations.

In a world where it seems that everything must be commercially viable and unadulterated pleasure is often frowned upon, Haute Couture is an endangered tradition. But as the recent couture season in Paris demonstrated with panache, this very French ritual is about much more than hefty price tags and extravagance. Couture is a factory of dreams giving revered designers such as Jean Paul Gaultier, Giorgio Armani, John Galliano for Dior, Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel, Christian Lacroix and Valentino free rein to push the limits of their creativity. Using the most exquisite materials the world has to offer and making full use of the expertise of their atelier’s workers, they conjure up the unique, made-to-measure masterpieces, that make Couture the very epitome of luxury.

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