New York’s fashion set sink their teeth into the American Fashion Cookbook, Assouline’s latest title that reveals the sustenance behind the style.

To the outside world, fashion and food may be the ultimate paradox, but as the American Fashion Cookbook attests, even a fashionista has to eat – and how! Like the carefully crafted creations that float down the catwalk each season, to fashion’s leading lights food is a form of art, a domestic extension and a much loved outlet for their creativity.

Even the ateliers of designers, from Azzedine Alaïa to Zac Posen are filled with the fragrance of home cooking as teams down tools to enjoy communal lunches, as part of the work day ritual, while the deity of high fashion are often visibly absent from even the hottest parties on the fashion week schedules, in favor of intimate, or grand-scale dinners, as their fashionable hosts proffer a hearty meal to the select few. As Martha Stewart mentions in the American Fashion Cookbook’s foreword “Not long ago I was invited to attend a party at Videville, Valentino’s grand chateau near Versailles. The grandeur and elegance of the house and the formality of the gardens were predictable,” she continues, “But nothing prepared me for the amazing feast that was served to the large group assembled for dinner on the outdoor terraces that summer evening.”

The link between food and fashion is no new phenomenon, the late couturier Christian Dior may be best known for his illustrious “New Look” silhouette, but among a select coterie of friends and family, he was also celebrated for his love of fine fare. The 1972 “La Cuisine Cousu-Main”, a book of recipes invented by the couturier, revealed “Saumon en Gelée au Dom Perignon” and “Becasse Saute au Dom Perignon” revealed his penchant for fine champagne. Even the sublimely svelte doyenne of style, Diane Von Furstenberg, admits “I have never been a great cook, yet when you cook for the ones you love, you somehow become one. My Saturday Night Chicken is a simple recipe, full of herbs and full of love. It is a meal that somehow is so cozy and delicious that you always end up eating it with your hands!” We share some of our favorite recipes.

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