Inspired by modern architecture and ballpoint pens, Chanel gives beauty a 21st century makeover with its revolutionary Rouge Allure lipstick.

A smooth monolith with rounded edges, a clever case that clicks into action, an objet d'art with beautifying powers— Chanel reinvents makeup with its revolutionary Rouge Allure lipstick.

Drawn from its sheath, twirled between two fingers, and then raised to the surface of the lips; the step-by-step movement of a woman applying lipstick is the quintessence of femininity. A gesture so iconic it seems impossible to refine? Not if you're one of its legendary choreographers...

Lengthening the pages of their celebrated lipstick saga begun in 1924, the perennial beauty pioneers at Chanel have given cosmetics a 21st century makeover with their revolutionary Rouge Allure lipstick. Modeled after Mies Van der Rohe's One Liberty Plaza skyscraper in NYC, the smooth, sculptural mini-tower puts the essence of modernity into the palm of the hands. Architectural and tactile, it's a covetable objet d'art both minimal and luxurious.

A technical jewel, the lipstick's form meets function design is the inventive result of Chanel Creative Director Jacque Helleu's fastidious study of contemporary iconography and conventions. Inspired by the quick-click mechanism of a ballpoint pen, the lipstick's golden inner tower glides out of its black lacquer case when delicately pressed. The familiar little gesture and its comforting sound suddenly become addictive and filled with promise. Every time you press the trigger out pops the ultimate beauty device: a logo embossed lipstick of outstanding color, texture and shine. And if that weren't enough to get you hooked, Rouge Allure is available in a kaleidoscopic range of 26 colors to match every occasion and mood; each one the creative concoction of dream team Dominique Moncourtoise and Heidi Morawetz.

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