"Punk, can-can, and couture. The final product is a mix of all three. French can-can, which is super feminine, is sort of the antithesis of punk. There is a tradition of very fussy frilly dresses but it was really scandalous at the time because – and I’m going to tell you a secret – this was the time of the Moulin Rouge girls and they wore crotchless panties so when they lifted up their leg you could see everything underneath their skirts. That’s what’s created this mixture of slightly exaggerated and elongated silhouettes. I find that all very elegant and chic. I did some embroidery and added some safety pins and some little poppers to close the jackets. The collection is quite graphic as well, with lines that heighten the shoulders. We did the same thing with the silhouettes: bare shoulders with flat pleats to create stripes. I am always influenced by punk. I love the movement. And I love couture. I try to make a fusion."

- Jean Paul Gaultier