Aston Martin's DB9, the lean, dark, speedster machine, is an icon of technology and style. Using a radical new aluminum-bonded frame, it beautifully balances the attributes of a sports car with features normally exclusive to luxury cars.

"We wanted an elegant, beautiful car - in keeping with the Aston Martin tradition," says Director of Design Henrik Fisker. "I was of course acutely aware that Aston Martin is renowned for its superb styling. It has launched some of the most beautiful sports and GT cars ever seen."

Martin's signature grille, side strakes and clean, crisp, uncluttered
Lines create a sleek, toned silhouette. "Aston Martins are not edgy cars -
They don't have sharp surfaces or pronounced power domes," says Fisker. "The bodywork is elegant and gently curved, like a supremely fit person, with great muscle tone." So what are you waiting for? Climb on in and get this beautiful road rebel fired up!