The fashion designer and art collector Lisa Perry wears her art on her sleeve. Or rather on her back. At the launch of her latest collection she wore a white sequined cocktail dress seemingly discreet from the front but emblazoned on the back with an image of Jeff Koons’ signature Pink Panther. After creating two previous collections that feature the work of pop artists (she is a well known collector of the genre), Koons is the latest artist to inspire Perry to fuse fashion and art. “He gave us full access to his entire body of work,” she explains of the collaboration. “It was more inspiration than I could have ever dreamed of!”

Highlights of the new Lisa Perry collection – which is currently available to buy online – include a biker jacket decorated with an image of Koons’ 1986 Rabbit sculpture and cuffs, T-shirts and handbags that feature other Koons characters including Loppy, Monkeys and Monkey Train. What does the artist himself make of Koons couture? “This cocktail dress with the whipped cream and a cherry on it,” he said of another Perry creation featuring one of his whipped cream paintings. “The bottom looks like it could be from a coconut.”