Like the never-ending circle of life, fashion evolves, growing in different directions. Along its sinuous path, whatever the time and place, the real tour de force is to follow the trends without losing a single dash of style. Who knew that the 1920s would come roaring back in the noughties, that the sixties would be as hot as ever in the nineties, and that fluorescent shades and skinny leggings would be a fashion landmark again after 1989? Forever unexpected and bold, fashion designs always manage to surprise and dazzle us. As prints, hues and shapes evolve alongside society's transformations, the constant we look for is that unique sensibility, that sharp talent we refer to as style.

This season, follow us as we take you on our very own grand tour of the catwalks. From early mornings to lazy afternoons, from never-ending brunches to decadent soirées, we have carefully selected looks that will carry you from dusk to dawn. Discover the sexiest and most coveted designers through our own lens, as we uncover our selection of style-imbued designs.

Take a close look at Martine Sitbon's comeback show, named after her atelier's Parisian address. Her new collection confirms her reputation as the queen of romanticism, as she dazzles us with an array of sculptural, deliciously voluptuous and free-floating dresses.

What we cherish above all about the 2008 silhouette is its glorification of elegance and liberty, paying tribute to the allure of chic and reinterpreting it with an emancipated twist – as fashion takes a giant leap back into the future.