Lapo Elkann cuts a dash. As the grandson of Italian industrialist Gianni Agnelli – often cited as the best dressed man ever – Elkann inherited not only Fiat but also his grandfather’s wardrobe and sartorial prowess. Indeed, Elkann’s signature look is one of Agnelli’s wide-lapelled, brightly coloured suits, which he has tailored to fit just so. While Elkann has long designed fashion under his Italia Independent label (its sunglasses are another Elkann style signature), these have been technologically pioneering collections with an emphasis on a sporty aesthetic. But the inimitable day-to-day style of Elkann is now available to buy in the form of Lapo’s Wardrobe, a new made-to-measure collection designed in partnership with Gucci creative director Frida Giannini.

Comprising of 23 looks for men and four for women, Lapo’s Wardrobe encompasses tailoring, leather goods, shoes and jewelry. "It was a great experience to build this capsule collection together with Frida,” says Elkann. “We share a love and respect for tradition, yet we are not afraid to dare and experiment. It is the combination of both that I believe is exemplified in the pieces we designed and created."

With a particular focus on fabrics – some suits come lined with vintage Hermes scarves – the collection is notable for its 178 possible combinations of colours and fabrics. Embroidered monogramming of initials will also come as standard. “Fashion is something which is non-lasting; it’s ephemeral,” explains Elkann of details that make this a collection of style rather than fashion.

Unveiled in June and on sale in September, Lapo’s Wardrobe will initially be available at Gucci boutiques in Milan, London, Paris, New York, Tokyo and Sao Paulo. "Lapo perfectly embodies my vision of Italian style as an attitude, an instinct to interpret fashion in an individual yet sophisticated way,” says Giannini of the collaboration. “Lapo pays great attention to detail and is never afraid to take risks.”

Of course, to achieve the total Lapo Elkann look requires some finishing touches: Nike sneakers that match the rich hues of your tailoring, brightly coloured Swatch watches worn over the cuff as did Agnelli and, most importantly, acres of tattoos.