“I have always liked this iconic bag that I have owned for a long time. And I have great respect for Paco Rabanne, his experiments, and the creative path he has taken.”

- Rei Kawakubo, founder of Comme de Garcons

There is no ‘It’ bag that compares to the must-have status or fashion influence of the 69 bag by Paco Rabanne. Constructed from chain mail metal, it was and remains a seminal fashion accessory that encapsulates the pioneering vision of its creator. At the time of its launch in 1969, it defined not just the fashion of the year of Concorde’s maiden voyage and the first human steps on the moon, but captured the spirit of an era of sartorial experimentation. 1969 also happened to be the year that Comme de Garcons was born and the influence that Paco Rabanne had on the influential Japanese fashion label is self-professed by its founder Rei Kawakubo. Indeed, the 69 sac in particular was inspirational for Kawakubo, who this season is reissuing the bag in its original metal form, as well as in variations in leather, stingray, rubber, acrylic, horn and aluminium – a rare opportunity to own a bag with such an amount of ‘It’ status that it was declared by the Design Museum in London as one of the “50 Bags That Changed The World”.

The 69 bag is available exclusively at Comme des Garcsons stores around the world from next week, with a special version available in February from Colette in Paris.