Place Vendome is a legendary address in the jewelry world, home to both the historic maisons (Chaumet at number 12, Cartier at 23, Boucheron at 26…) as well as the next generation of talent (see Lorenz Baumer at number 4). Even ultra-secretive JAR is known to work from an atelier at number 7. But little known except to true connoisseurs is the small in size but big in influence jewelry house at 24, where Michel Ermelin works under the name Verney.

Founded in the 1980s, Verney is considered to have invented the “joaillerie classique” style that refers to the new classicism in French jewelry. He also pioneered the use of black gold in his signature Triade ring. And he is still creating extraordinary “heirlooms of the future” today, albeit quietly.

Known for his technical prowess (Verney settings in particular are feats of ingenuity), Ermelin might be considered a jewelers’ jeweler were it not for his intimate understanding of the needs of the modern jewelry buyer. The idea that jewelry should be easy to wear is central to the vision of Verney. Of the River necklace (pictured on page 1), he comments: “I always wanted to create a diamond necklace that could be worn every day for every occasion. You could even go running wearing this one.”

By combining rich colours with organic forms, Verney has been said to be continuing in the pioneering spirit of influential jewelers René Boivin and Suzanne Belperron. The connoisseurship of his customers attests to that. That, and the fact that like the work of those celebrates names the modern women who buy from Ermelin actually wear his jewels. He says simply: “They are more often worn on the hand than hidden in a safe.”

Maison Verney
24 Place Vendôme, 75001 Paris
+33 1 40 15 07 07

Michel Ermelin’s Definition of Luxury…
Refinement everywhere but visible nowhere.

If luxury were an object…
Something you don’t need but you have to have.

If luxury were a person…
A moment shared with the person you love.

If luxury were a moment…
It would be a person who knows how to smile in all circumstances.

If luxury were a place…
Anywhere with my friends.


Page 5
“A diamond orchid on a finger where the petals move with all of your movements.”
- Michel Ermelin

Page 6
“These two sticks of imperial jade are transparent like emeralds, suspended on a diamond chord. Pure and simple.”
- Michel Ermelin

Page 10
“Two leafs of black jade and their diamond stem to be placed delicately on the shoulder. Very rare.”
- Michel Ermelin