“We can only make four pieces per month because it’s incredibly complex to blow the glass,” says uber-designer Marc Newson of the hourglass, a product which he reimagined for Ikepod, the watchmaker where he is co-president and creative director. Indeed, the feat of engineering to which Newson refers to is revealed in a new behind-the-scenes video by director Philip Andelman. Filmed within the Ikepod glass blowing factory in Basel, the 1-day long artisan process is captured in an atmospheric 3-minute clip.

Launched in 2010 with a 60-minute timer that is nothing short of sculpture, Ikepod have just revealed a smaller sized, 10-minute model of what is already considered by those in the industry as something of an icon. At a glamorous Baselworld dinner that took place within the glass-making factory, the 15cm high hourglass was presented to the horology cognoscenti. Unlike the other products that premiered at the watch fair, which will not be available to buy for another six months, the new hourglass is already in stores such as Paris’ Colette, where it is proving to be a hit with watch collectors.

“It says more about time than any other object I can think of,” says Newson his contemporary take on the traditional timer. “Hourglass is not a purely functional object but is also something more poetic and talks about time in a more philosophical way.”