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The undisputed master of light, Ingo Maurer shines brighter than ever with new work presented this season in Milan.

Winner of the prestigious Chevalier des Arts et Lettres and world-renowned master of light, forty years after his astounding 'Bulb' design, Ingo Maurer's work burns brighter than ever.

Forty years after he presented 'Bulb' in 1966—his first, and most iconic work to date—Ingo Maurer remains the unthroned magician of light. Tirelessly pushing the boundaries of his medium, the 74-year-old former graphic artist turned lighting designer continues to dazzle with his timeless, revolutionary creations.

At this year's Milan Furniture Fair he presented his latest inventions. "We started with the big column and thought it would be good to have an object at home. It's very calming. The idea behind it is to have a fascination, to make you calm," he explains of 'Delirium Yum,' a four-meter high illuminated water spiral with a scaled down foil for the home.

Perpetually inventing new typographies via jarring juxtapositions, he was the first to bring LED into the home with the Bellissima Brutta lamp in 1997. Revisiting the dimensions of LED again this year, he impressively fused LED illumination into magnificent ceiling suspensions, wall mosaics and furniture.

Though he's worked with it for over 40 years, Maurer's unusual love of light continues to ignite new ideas. "Light is something immaterial. It is, after music, the most influential media for wellbeing. Light creates a room. Light is strictly connected with emotions, which I love. I'm just fascinated by it."

It is this exceptional passion and desire to innovate and explore, as well as an incredible self-effacing modesty, which continues to draw peers and contemporaries from around the world to Ingo Maurer's work. He is currently working on installations which will be shown in Japan this year, as well as an exhibition at New York's Cooper Hewitt next year. "I like to explore. I am evidently born to develop things, develop new ideas and to express myself, but I avoid being philosophical, it just has to come."

What is your definition of luxury?
Luxury is to sit down with good friends and have a long dinner. That`s luxury for me. It is about being with friends, being able to sit down and look into one another's eyes. I also work a lot with gold because it is a wonderful reflective material and I like that very much too.

If luxury were an object, what would it be?
I`d definitely like to have... well, I don't want to own it, but I assisted with a light at Brancusi at the Centre Pompidou in Paris.

If luxury were a place, where would it be?
It could be anywhere with a friend.

If luxury were a person, who would it be?
It's my wife, definitely, no doubt about it. She is my column. Without her I'm nothing.


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