Car collectors rejoice! Now you can spin your wheels right into the apartment with CarLoft, a revolutionary loft scheme with a garden and garage on every floor.

For high-rise urban dwellers, the trip from the car to the living room couch can be a long, drawn out drag, especially after shopping sprees that result in tons of bags to tote. Sure, some people have an elevator and a garage. But that's so passé. Check out this revolutionary new solution from CarLoft, a German architectural firm that specializes in homes built around the car.

Instead of underground parking, each building is constructed instead with a CarLift, a special elevator that delivers residents and their cars directly to the floor where they live. Once they arrive, they simply drive out of the elevator and into a private parking space that seems to float just outside the living room. Each floor boasts an open-plan layout, custom-designed to suit individual living needs, from made-to-measure aerial gardens to ready-made art: those who like to admire their wheels can do so anytime simply by taking in the view from the floor-to-ceiling windows.

Interview with Manfred Dick, architect of the CarLoft concept:

What inspired you to create CarLoft?
Construction projects in Berlin can be very costly when digging underground because of the poor ground conditions. Hence, when looking for innovative ways of creating parking spaces, we looked up as opposed to down. Our research gave birth to the CarLoft concept, a financially sound and innovative solution to conventional parking.

What are the most interesting aspects of the CarLoft design?
Each loft is equipped with a single parking space located inside or outside the apartment so that your car is always in view. The open-floor layout, creating in collaboration with interior designer Harald Klein, is modular and can be adapted to changes in the family structure. For example, it transforms easily from a luxury bachelor pad to a multi-bedroom apartment, with additional garden space, ponds and fountains available on demand. The large, three-meter high ceilings also bathe each loft in brilliant daylight.

Does the concept appeal first and foremost to car collectors?
CarLoft means security, comfort and luxury, and does not only appeal to car lovers but people looking for the ultimate in daily comfort. Families with children, elderly couples or people with handicaps will find the concept revolutionary for its ease and practicality.

Do you see CarLoft more as a way of keeping cars safe, or elevating them to the status of decorative art for the home?
Besides security, comfort and decorative design, CarLoft takes a conceptual approach to urban problem solving. It is the future form of urban living. Space is freed on the street and underground where parking would have been necessary, thereby creating space for other urban projects. Additionally, shorter distances between destinations means lower gas consumption, and traffic congestion.

When can we expect to see CarLoft on the market?
CarLoft Berlin will be finished in the fall 2007. The pilot design consists of ten lofts and one penthouse. Further projects are in development in Vorbereitung, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Munich and Vienna.

The floor space including the aerial gardens and CarLoggias ranges in size from 2411 sq ft to 5,802 sq ft. Prices start at EUR 450,600 depending on size and fittings.