The zeitgeist for timeless classics is inspiring modern designers to create a new hybrid: Neo Chic.

There is a feeling of déjà vu prevalent within design. This year Vitra resurrected the Eames lounger, commemorating its 50th birthday, while at this year's Milan Furniture Fair, Cassina celebrated the legendary work of Le Corbusier. Iconic models, such as Le Corbusier's 1931 Fauteuil Wagon Fumoir have been updated with improved technology, while remaining faithful to the creator's original designs.

New designers, such as Marten Baas, borrow from the past to breathe new life into antiques, creating modern Baroque for a young, trend-hungry audience of aficionados. But it's not only emerging stars who are looking to the past to establish their future. The Lama Chaise of renowned husband and wife team Ludovica and Roberto Palombo, produced earlier this year by Zanotta, bears a striking resemblance to La Chaise, designed by Ray and Charles Eames (1948) – coincidentally also spouses. The unmistakable silhouette may be over half a century old, but both Eames' original and the Palomba's contemporary reinterpretation will undoubtedly inspire for decades to come.

However, Neo-chic does not decree lifting ideas from the archives of centuries past. Marcel Wanders' highly acclaimed Knotted chair, designed in 1996 and already on its second (limited) edition, and Fernando and Humberto Campana's Brasilia table launched this year, are the new collectibles which will exquisitely enrich future lives, transcending the mark of time.

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