The engines are revving up for the annual Gumball 3000 rebel race—an 8-day grueling adrenalin-filled continent-crossing adventure that's kicks off April 30. With only 5 slots left, polish your wheels and register now!

Not since the 1970s when 'Gumball Rally,' 'Canonball Run,' and 'Smokey and the Bandit' flickered across the silver screen, has rally racing been such a star-studded attraction. First outlawed in 1979 due to poor press and pressure from police, the exhilarating pop cultural sport is not only alive and kicking, but slicker-than-ever thanks to Maximillion Cooper's electrifying Gumball 3000.

Now in its 8th year, the grueling, adrenalin-fueled annual 3000-mile adventure first kicked off in 1999 as a radical offspring of the original no-mercy racing style and spirit. Quickly seducing the latest generation of car-crazed speedsters looking to show off their incredible, customized creations, the event has become the most glamorous international race to date.

With the petal to the metal, a whacky cast of characters including film stars, fashion icons, rock musicians, billionaires and celebrity hangers-on, dash around the world in 8 days, crossing continents by airlift, while partying and staying in some of the world's most luxurious hotels.

Gumball fever reached an all-time high last year when over 3 million people took to the streets in 13 countries to watch the televised race. Packing a red-carpet cast of celebrity drivers with their über-cool cars, including Adrian Brody in his custom Porsche, Tony Hawk in his Viper, 50 Cent in his Hummer, and Darryl Hannah in her bio-diesel fuelled Range Rover, this year's event, set to kick off April 30 in London, will be the most exceptional to date. After driving 1000 miles across Europe cars will be airlifted to China and then Utah before finishing at the Playboy Mansion for a bubbly closing reception.