The inspiration behind the Lyonheart K is unmistakeable. With a long nose, feline like eyes, low profile and sensual lines – as well as a generous sprinkling of retro chrome on details such as the headlights and wing mirrors – it takes its design cues from that automobile icon, the Jaguar E-Type. Even the way it is built by hand in Coventry, UK (where the Jaguar factory has long been located) recalls the legendary vehicle that Enzo Ferrari felt compelled to admit was, “The most beautiful car ever made”.

Designed by Robert Palm – founder of Switzerland-based Classic Factory – in collaboration with Bo Zolland, Lyonheart is an entirely new automobile brand with classic English cars at its core. “We want to make the 'Made In England' label into a truthful concept, not just a statement,” says Palm. “Every part of the Lyonheart K is developed, engineered and
hand-built in England. The design clues of the Lyonheart K reflect Britishness at its best: cool, elegant, refined, understated yet powerful and dynamic.”

Unlike the Eagle Speedster, a carbon copy of the E-Type with cutting edge technology and engines that was launched in 2011, the Lyonheart K is a modern interpretation of its classic lines that were first introduced in 1960. Edges are sharper at the headlights and at the rear; the bumper under the iconic grille is more aggressively styled; and the windscreen appears to continuously wrap around into the door windows. Car critics, who are often suspicious of designs with such direct references to an icon, are unanimous in their praise. Like what you see too? The Lyonheart K order book is open: yours for €495,000 with an estimated delivery time of 18 months.

Robert Palm, Founder of Lyonheart and Co-Designer of the Lyonheart K

What is your definition of luxury?
The central element of luxury is rarity. I think luxury is often confused with expensiveness, but luxury does not always have to be expensive. Take time. Time doesn't cost you anything, but for a busy man like me it's pure luxury. You really have to earn it. On the other hand, a Mercedes or a BMW are expensive for example, but is it luxury when you see them everywhere?

If luxury were an object, what would it be?
The Lyonheart! If I have to pick another object, I would say an MB&F watch. Max Büsser is a truly incredible Swiss watchmaker who makes what he calls "Horological Machines". This is true luxury combined with pure creativity!

If luxury were a place, where would it be?
Paris, no doubt. The home of luxury. Luxury was born in Paris!

If luxury were a moment, when would it be?
Every minute I get to spend with my wife and kids. Or a weekend in Venice with my wife. I love Venice and Italy in general.

If luxury were a person, who would it be?
There are many people who deserve that title in my opinion, so it's hard to choose just one. But the first who comes into my mind right now is Yves Saint-Laurent in the 60's.