What makes a boat beautiful? In the case of the classic 1960s Riva, it’s an elegant silhouette. In a megayacht, good looks are found in a sleek profile that hides monstrous volumes through carefully considered proportions. And in the contemporary sailing yachts produced by Wally, beauty is again found in its line – crisp, low profile and uninterrupted. The new Antagonist weekend cruiser by Serbian boat yard Art of Kinetic does not boast such lines but that does not make it any less spectacular. Crafted from acres of African mahogany, Burmese teak and American dark walnut, it manages to combine these traditional woods with a bold design of muscular forms avant garde details. Punctuating the dark chocolate coloured hull (similar Art of Kinetic hulls require 12,000 man hours to sand and 18 layers of varnish to achieve the polished veneer) are elements in mirrored chrome and an interior crafted from supple leather. As glossy as Antagonist is, the Art of Kinetic design studio have incorporated all the essential elements that make a weekend cruiser such as this – hidden compartments full of glassware and porcelain, an on board barbeque and below deck a large space that looks more like a hotel suite than the cabin of a 37 foot boat. While it might antagonise design purists, this is an exotic yacht that was intended to do just that.