If ever there was any doubt in the ability of Sarah Burton - the loyal right hand woman to Lee Alexander McQueen and his successor as creative director at his label - to replicate the sheer creativity of the late designer, those fears are dashed with a look at the remarkable accessories in her Spring Summer collection. The shoes, in particular, are spectacular: with heels artfully carved into elaborate foliage, and some topped with handcrafted, life-size butterflies, they go beyond footwear and into the realm of sculpture. Indeed, the gold versions recall the nature-inspired creations of Claude and François-Xavier Lalanne. At £2,300 per pair, they are also given gallery-like prices. We say: buy these as artworks, display them as such, and the cost can be justified. (After all, fashion as sculpture is something of a recent trend: see our feature on Victoire de Castellane’s jewelry on sale at Gagosian gallery, Paris). Start your collection fast: the butterfly shoes hit stores mid-March and waiting lists are already in operation.