Design, technology and rejuvenation inspire today's bathroom, giving rise to the most desirable bathing spaces imaginable.

Throughout history hydrotherapy has been celebrated as the most fundamental element of wellbeing. Step into the most sublime tubs, spa and showers as we soak up the atmosphere and indulge in the luxury of bathing.

If the kitchen is the heart of the home, the bathroom must undoubtedly be its soul. Providing warmth, relaxation and stimulation when we need it, throughout history the rite of bathing has been held in the highest reverence, as a means of both physical and spiritual purification; as the old adage goes "cleanliness is next to godliness".

While early spa towns were hailed for their curative benefits against physical ailments, today we crave our own sacred enclave of aqueous pleasure centered around spiritual restoration. Bathing is one of the few aspects of life where one should not save time, but rather pass it. With no phone or computer at hand (although this is changing), the bathroom offers us the rare chance to switch off from reality, if only for a brief moment of each day. However, the rejuvenative qualities of chromotherapy, hydrotherapy have become commonplace thanks to advances in technology. Want to listen to your MP3 while brushing your teeth, or catch up on your favourite TV programme while shaving? Sensorial pleasures extend way beyond scented oils and candles in the aquatic haven of the 21st century.

The desire for escapism has also given rise to hotel inspired design. Mirroring the opulence of five-star hospitality, comfort and style are paramount as wet spaces become more indulgent, not only in terms of fixtures and fittings, but also in terms of size. Capacious walk-in wetrooms, double baths and showers are juxtaposed with fawcets and controls that are covert; invisible by comparison. Even the trend for oversized rainfall inspired showerheads demands that they should be discreetly concealed within the ceiling, for what can be more beautiful than the world's most precious commodity?

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