There's more to light than the opposite of dark – turn on to the latest in inspiring illumination.

Get turned on to lighting as daring design and technology create dazzling forms of ambient illumination.

"I can't stand a naked light bulb, any more than I can a rude remark or a vulgar action," Tennessee Williams once remarked. He obviously never saw Quasar's Helios or Bulb, Gino Sarfatti's 1963 "2109/12" or Ingo Maurer's 1966 homage to Edison, which remains one of his most celebrated designs.

From the first fires that burned within prehistoric caves to the neon street signs that vivify each metropolis, light has always been much more than mere illumination.

Be it sensorial or emotional, light is an experience that goes beyond the utilitarian. From the soft glow of a burning candle to the mesmerizing dance of light refracting off crystal, it's all about creating a mood to complement the moment.

It is this human experience that draws artists to the non-form. As Dan Flavin once said, "One might not think of light as a matter of fact, but I do. And it is, as I said, as plain and open and direct an art as you will ever find." Expressive, emotive and absolutely captivating, though contemporary masters such as Dan Flavin, James Turrell, Marcus Tremonto and Paul Friedlander may be confined to the realm of light artists, it is also undoubtedly the most fundamental element of possibly every painter's perspective.

Today's luminaries of light are infringing upon the realms of science and technology, pushing the boundaries of art further than ever. Ingo Maurer first pioneered domestic LED lighting in 2004, the year he introduced the first tabletop lamp utilising organic light emitting diodes (OLED) for their energy-efficient quality.

It is within this area that green design has had a great impact, for LED lighting not only boasts longevity as well as energy and cost efficiency; it is also incredibly versatile. Take Herman Miller's Leaf, designed by Yves Behar, which replaces a traditional bulb with LEDs connected to microchips. The touch-sensitive base is not only extremely ergonomic, but through the concept of dimmer technology, the mix of LEDs allows the user to create just the right tone of warm or cool light for any mood.

Although energy conservation has become one of the most important criteria for many of today's lighting designers and manufacturers, the overall design has become no less of a consideration. In fact, if anything, forms are becoming ever more impressive. Ironically, opulent design coalesces perfectly with power efficiency. Now there's a bright idea.

Artemide pirce by g. m. scutellà copertina.tif
Pirce by G.M. Scutellà, produced by Artemide

Artemide veio by neil poulton.tif
Veio, designed by Neil Poulton for Artemide

Emanuel Babled DIGIT-floor lamp/short)blu.rubin.jpg
DIGIT floor lamp, designed by Emanuel Babled

Extremis Bronco_Corral_Cupsidedown06.JPG
Corral table, Bronco stools and C'upsidedown pendulum lamp, Extremis

Foscarini Wagashi_Wire_wall.jpg
Wagashi Wires pendant lamp, designed by Nichetto + Gardone for Foscarini

Italamp 01990628.jpg
Dodo table lamp by Roberta Vitadello and Stefano Traverso for Italamp

Mum table lamps, designed by Roberta Vitadello and Stefano Traverso for Italamp

Just not normal monkey_around.jpg
Monkey Around suspension lamp, designed by John Niero

Kyoto Premium Hiyoshiya08HY-02-Plu-Rd.jpg
Japanese umbrella table lamp, by Hiyoshiya Workshop Co. Ltd of the Kyoto Premium project

Shell Ball Shade.jpg
Shell Ball Shade by Object Havoc

Allyson suspension lamp by Inspired by Design

Muurblum Dot Show L1.jpg
Dot Show chandelier, designed by Gonnette Smits for Muurbloem Lighting

MHY pendant lamp by Norway Says for Muuto
Copyright: Muuto

Bobbin Lace bar pendant.jpg
Bobbin Lace bar pendant light, designed by Niels van Eijk for Quasar

Citadel Composition.jpg

Citadel composition pendant light, designed by Jan pauwels for Quasar

Helios pendant 6.jpg
Quasar's Helios Pendant light, designed by Rob Nollet

Universe Disc pendant.jpg
Universe Disc pendant light, designed by Jan pauwels for Quasar

Refer Staer R&S_JacobStaer_Black Fiber.jpg
Black Fiber pendant lamp, designed by Jakob Staer

Royal BB matt black-glossy black.jpg
Royal BB chandelier, designed by Edward van Vliet, produced by Quasar

Sole table lamp by Harco Loor. Available from Novaluce

Swarovski WandersWA AD-104.jpg
Shower Chandeliers, designed by Marcel Wanders for Swarovski Crystal Palace Collection

Swarovski Lissoni WA AD-107.jpg
Cupola chandelier designed by Piero Lissoni for Swarovski Crystal Palace Collection

Tom Dixon MirrorBallsonStand.jpg
Tom Dixon's Mirror Ball Stand

Wis ShadyLamp_WIS.jpg
Shady pendant lamp, WIS Design

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