In an age where architects seem preoccupied with camouflaging contemporary country houses into their landscapes – to adhere to either an architectural philosophy or strict local planning laws – the L House in Austria’s Burgenland region stands apart. Or rather, it stands out with its avant garde design. The creation of the Vienna-based Architectural Collective practice, the L-House is based the traditional local L-shaped floorplan which is updated with a dramatic angular exterior that frames large walls of glass which provide sweeping views of rolling hills.

Yet despite the structure’s diamond-like facets, the L-House sits comfortably within its rural position, its low profile ensuring it does not jar with the landscape. What’s more, the futuristic building is home to a young family and is designed to function as such. The typical L-shape footprint forms a protected courtyard to the north of the property with a lawn, decked terrace and swimming pool. And inside, the 300m2 of living space converges at the pivot of the L where an open children’s play area and library is the heart of the home.

Built to meet local planning laws of the ecological variety, the L-House is officially classed as an ultra low energy house by using triple glazing in those swathes of windows. Environmentally friendly and aesthetically groundbreaking, the latest work of Architectural Collective is a lesson not only in incorporating architecture into the rural landscape but also in the family home of the future.