Cheska Vallois might be most famous as the woman who purchased the most expensive piece of furniture ever sold, an Eileen Gray chair from the collection of Pierre Berge and Yves Saint Laurent that she bought at auction for €21million on behalf of a client. But to a select group of connoisseur collectors she is better known as the dealer who consistently has access to the finest pieces of furniture and objects of the Art Deco period, a reputation secured by her winning bid on that chair which she originally sold to Saint Laurent 28 years previously.

At the Paris gallery she runs with her husband Robert, parchment-lined walls envelope an elegant assemblage of rare and unusual pieces from the key Art Deco dates of 1918-1940. And at the Biennale des Antiquaires, which takes place at Paris’ Grand Palais from September 14-23, Galerie Vallois presents its most treasured finds. Following up on a solo show of works by Jean Dunand that they presented at the 2010 Biennale, this year sees Vallois showing part of a collection amassed by an American couple that Cheska Vallois describes as having the, “sharpest eye, taste and a wonderful intuition” – quite the compliment given her own reputation.

The cornerstone of the Vallois’ Biennale booth are the 12 “masterpieces” of the American collection that was kept back specifically for the event that is considered the world’s leading fair of international art, antiquities and fine jewelry dealers. Of those, highlights include a green lacquered table with horny inlay and ivory details designed by Andre Groult circa 1920, a Jean-Michel Frank cabinet in shagreen and palissander that dates from circa 1930 and an extremely rare Armand-Albert Rateau low table in antique green bronze from around 1920. Further pieces by the likes Jacques-Emile Ruhlmann and Eileen Gray are decorated with a collection of “jewelry objects” by Henri Simmen and Eugenie O'Kin. Though it seems there is no record breaking chair in her Biennale offering, Vallois’ stellar stock once again proves that she is the Queen of Art Deco dealers.

Collectors of more modest means but with an eye for the finest Art Deco are invited to purchase Galerie Vallois’ special edition Biennale 2012 catalogue, a mini masterpiece in itself.

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"We had the opportunity a few months ago to buy a collection of pieces of furniture from enlightened American collectors, created by the most important designers of the period in which we have been dealing for 40 years. This collection was assembled by the couple 30 years ago with the sharpest eye, taste and a wonderful intuition. Of this group, we have retained for the Biennale twelve pieces of furniture that we consider masterpieces.

In addition to this remarkable selection we had the good fortune of discovering a set of jewelry-objects by Henri Simmen and Eugenie O'Kin from another collection that we feel were the ideal adornment for our furniture."

- Cheska Vallois

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