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The Rotating Tower in Dubai is nearing completion to become the first self-sufficient solar-powered building with rotating floors. Architect David Fisher raises the structural stakes by adding movement to the urban landscape.

The experience of space and time, in relation to structure, forges new and vertiginous frontiers.

David Fisher’s Rotating Tower design is a novel mix of prefabricated units and ecologically efficient energy, unified in a technologically driven and height-hungry context. Horizontal rings of prefabricated units rotate around a central vertical axis. Wind turbines are positioned horizontally between each floor and solar ink on its many roofs produce the energy that drives the tower’s movement. Furthermore, it is estimated that the tower will even generate an overflow of energy that could power ten additional buildings.

Finally, skyscrapers are as dynamic as the inhabitants inside, the bustling city below, and the environmental elements above and beyond its walls.

Ever with an eye for innovation, Dubai will host the first 80-storey (with 79 integrated wind turbines), 420-meter (1,380 feet) high rotating tower, having started construction in 2008. There are further projections for building in locations including Moscow, London, Paris, New York, Milan, Chicago, Shanghai, Mumbai and Rio de Janeiro. The prefabricated elements, assembled in Southern Italy, allow construction to be six times more rapid and with a 10 percent reduction in costs, which are estimated at a cool 700 million dollars.

Traditional three-dimensional design becomes four dimensional, at the same time taking into consideration the orientation of the human user. Inhabitants can modify the orientation of their apartments to follow the sun, for example, or enjoy breakfast with the sunrise and dinner with the sunset. This is, arguably, as emotive as architecture gets. Some say that the future of architecture has arrived.

David Fisher’s definition of luxury:

What is your definition of luxury? Something you desired so much and was not sure how you were going to achieve it....
And if luxury were...
A person? What’s her name?...
A place? Many places at the same time...It can be Florence and New York, Paris and Barbados...
A moment? That never ends.
An object? A villa on the top of a Rotating Skyscraper...

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