“Situated on a natural plateau atop a rocky headland, the house enjoys panoramic views across the bay and the evening sun to the west.”

“The Gotland limestone on concrete foundation is crafted like a massive plinth, building walkways along three of the house’s façades under the roof’s deep overhangs.”

“The entrance side of the house features a solid façade wall, plastered and decolored to matte black. The only interruption is a ceiling-high pivot door with a thin lattice of black stained oak filtering the light.”

“The bottom of the glass frame is completely recessed and hidden between limestone slabs, making the boundary between outside and inside practically non-existent.”

“Instead of traditional doors, most openings are ceiling height. Simply turning the corner gives you the impression of entering a new room.”

“The formative idea behind the house was to create a clear and concentrated form in marked contrast to the surrounding landscape. The presence of a concrete object, abstract for the location, also heightens the experience of the rich shades of nature.”

“The limestone-covered foundation opens out into a large terrace with a sunken swimming pool and recessed sitting area providing shelter from the wind. The same limestone-covered foundation forms the connected floor space throughout the house.”